Millthorpe NSW Australia

August 02, 2016  •  3 Comments

Established in the pioneering era, Millthorpe has a rich agricultural history, a legacy of grand buildings, heritage architecture and a streetscape that has remained largely unchanged since the early 1900’s. The entire village is classified by the National Trust and the village centre has cobbled, bluestone bordered streets. Millthorpe is a living museum being home to a community of about 700 people and comes alive on weekends with locals, visitors and tourists alike. Find out more at

Millthorpe cobblestoneMillthorpe cobblestoneMillthorpe nsw australia

Just love the cobblestone in the street. This to me is the quintessential shot of Millthorpe.


Millthorpe wheelchair farMillthorpe wheelchair farMillthorpe nsw australia

Love these old chairs. Taken at a long focal length for the compression effect and to emphasize the whole street.


Millthorpe wheelchair closeMillthorpe wheelchair closeMillthorpe nsw australia This one is taken at a similar location but with a wider focal length. Goes to show the massive difference the gear a photographer can choose to use to tell the story they are trying to tell. 


Millthorpe balconyMillthorpe balconyMillthorpe nsw australia

The people here are lovely. The man that owns this balcony saw me taking photos of the cobblestones below and offered for me to come up and take this shot. 


Millthorpe shopfrontsMillthorpe shopfrontsMillthorpe nsw australia Looking back down the main street. The car at the end really makes it. Taken at a long focal length to really compress the image.


Millthorpe Old MillMillthorpe Old MillMillthorpe nsw australia

The Old Mill. One of the many lovely places to eat in Millthorpe.


Millthorpe wheelchairsMillthorpe wheelchairsMillthorpe nsw australia Look at all those chairs and flowers :)


Millthorpe benchMillthorpe benchMillthorpe nsw australia I really liked this chair and angle, but was not stoked with all the parked cars. I decided to push the emphasis on the beautiful grain in the bench chair though a narrow depth of field.


Millthorpe from a distanceMillthorpe from a distanceMillthorpe nsw australia A view of the lovely heritage terrace buildings on the main street of Millthorpe.



Charles G Patrick(non-registered)
I'm always in total awe of your work.
Eileen Vlatko(non-registered)
The people of this wonderful town have been know to solve most of the world's problems while sitting on a verandah drinking a glass or two of the local drop.
John Kich(non-registered)
Totally impressed with your photography. Will share if you don't mind.
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