Bathurst Floods July 2016

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The low level bridge (Gordon Edgell Bridge) on Hereford Street Bathurst NSW has flooded overnight 12/07/2016. These aerial shots give a good perspective of how the Macquarie River was looking around 9am on a very foggy morning.


This is a long exposure shot of the Ben Chifley dam overflow. The  power of the water is amazing, pushing trees down the creek. I have never seen it running this fast before. Enjoy the nice sily smooth waters in this one :)

Ben Chifley Dam OverflowBen Chifley Dam OverflowLong exposure showing the silky smooth water raging out of the dam down the river toward Bathurst.


Drone footage flying from this location, up the overflow, looking over the dam and back over the rolling green hills toward Bathurst. This is a single shot uploaded straight to youtube, no fancy editing here.

The Western Advocate contacted me after seeing this footage and put together this article. Of course there are more pun's then my page


I also got a mention in Prime local news on Friday, you can see a recording here:


This vertical pano shows just how much water is flowing out the overflow of the dam. It really is raging and quite off putting walking down the path beside it.

Ben Chifley Dam Overflow vertical panoBen Chifley Dam Overflow vertical panoAerial Photo taken by David Roma

A panorama showing the dam, the overflow and the river heading through the rolling hills toward Bathurst. Quite a sight to see. I really do appreciate not being limited to the ground anymore for my photography.

Ben Chifley Dam OverflowBen Chifley Dam Aerial PanoramaPanorama captured by David Roma


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