Snow in Bathurst

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Well, I thought seeing as though Orange got a snow Album it would be rude not to do one for Bathurst. I have never seen snow this heavy in town before. I was only telling someone the day before where they could drive to see snow and that it never snows in town.. Well it saved them the trip. Town was a buzz, even before the sun had risen snowmen were being constructed in peoples front yards.

Follow the path to snowFollow the path to snowSnow in Bathurst July 2015 I always love a leading line, in this case the path does the trick.



A tiny sunrise in the snowA tiny sunrise in the snowSnow in Bathurst July 2015 Nice straight dirt road gives a great sense of depth in this image. You can even see the sun just starting to rise on the horizon.



Bathurst Court House under snowBathurst Court House under snowSnow in Bathurst July 2015 One of my favorite buildings, the court house, just looked stunning covered in snow, so I took particular care in getting a nice shot of it.



Carillon park in snow!Carillon park in snow!Snow in Bathurst July 2015

Kings Parade was looking great, though the snow didn't really settle on the dirt.



Machattie Park in snowMachattie Park in snowSnow in Bathurst July 2015

The trees had nice contrasting colour against the white of the sky and snow. 



Pretty thick snow in Machattie ParkPretty thick snow in Machattie ParkSnow in Bathurst July 2015 Machattie park was beautiful with snow covering the grass quite thick. 



Snow in BathurstSnow in BathurstI have never seen so much snow in Bathurst. Town is a buzz.

One I have already shared, Bathurst train station.



All abord the snowtrainAll abord the snowtrainSnow in Bathurst July 2015 I quite liked this image from the railway tracks, something a little different.


Bathurst city under snowBathurst city under snowSnow in Bathurst July 2015

The snow was even on the road in parts. Here is the bathurst township from a distance. Check out the house right on the horizon of this shot, lovely view it must have.



Stitched Panorama Snow looking eastStitched Panorama Snow looking eastSnow in Bathurst July 2015 This is a large image. Stitched Panorama of the snow looking east. Such a nice covering.


Choose your landscapeChoose your landscapeThis is a massive panorama, 27000 pixels wide from 17 shots. Choose which part you want to print! -Snow in Bathurst July 2015 This is an epic panorama. I'm not sure if its even view able on here. It is 27000 pixels wide from 17 shots stitched together. If you did want a print, the resolution is so large you can pretty much just choose which part of the landscape you want to print!

Hope you enjoyed it!



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