Antarctic Vortex 2015

July 13, 2015  •  5 Comments

Well that was fun. I was supposed to be heading out to the Gardens of stone on Sunday to get some more photos, but not surprisingly the highway was closed and it was forced to be canceled. Seeing as I was up and at 'em I thought I would go for a drive to Orange. 

Snow on a road in Spring HillSnow on a road in Spring Hill I had heard the road to Orange was closed, but it didn't seem to be. At least not the back way. I grabbed this shot near Spring Hill. A random dirt road sided by beautiful trees.


Snowy beside road Mt. CanobolasSnowy beside road Mt. Canobolas Heading toward the back of Mt. Canobolas things started getting real. I went exploring down one of the pine forest access roads which was covered in snow.


Snowy pine forest mt canobolasSnowy pine forest mt canobolas This is the view looking up at the pine trees beside that very road.


Snowy dirt road Mt. CanobolasSnowy dirt road Mt. Canobolas Another side road around the back of Mt. Canobolas had these deciduous trees which i thought looked pretty cool in the snow. There were a bunch of birds around this area so I switched to my telephoto lens and when hunting.



Bird in the snowBird in the snow Score! How cute is this little guy in the grass and snow. He looks like a miniature puffin bird to me. No idea, if anyone knows comment below :) There were a whole flock of them. They kept skipping from one area to the next as I walked toward them down the road. They kept this up for about 500m before finally flying in to the forest.


Kangaroos making a break for itKangaroos making a break for it I was on a roll with wildlife.. Correct lens on and managed to capture these cold Kangaroos seeking greener pastures!


Snow avenueSnow avenue I thought this avenue of trees looked nice with some solid compression at 150mm


Snowy tar road Mt. CanobolasSnowy tar road Mt. Canobolas The main road was starting to get pretty hectic. Time to turn around I think....



Going to need more than a credit cardGoing to need more than a credit card After this I went in to town in search of a nice warm coffee, some fuel and a muffin (yes in that order). This is a random house in Orange with a very well covered car.


Orange Main streetOrange Main street I love a bit of symmetry. This is a fairly iconic view of orange I thought. Much of the snow had melted from the road itself. From here on out, most of the shots were taken in the sleet and snow. I am glad my camera is weather sealed.


Snow Fight!Snow Fight! Time for some snow fights! These kids were having a blast in the Robertson park. 


Snow Fight!Snow Fight! Dad always seems to cop it!


Snow Fight!Snow Fight! Do you think I warned him what was coming..... Not a chance.


Lets build a snowmanLets build a snowman Exhausted... Thanks for posing guys!



Lets build a snowmanLets build a snowman Off to cook park for some classy Snow man action. You have to use the tools at hand and these daffodils did the trick.


Lets build a snowmanLets build a snowman How cute is this little girl. She has totally got it sussed.


Lets build a snowmanLets build a snowman A very cute family. Thanks for posing. And a big thanks to the power of the internets to for finding out who they were so I could get this image to them. If you know anyone else in these pics, please feel free to share the link so they can see them.


Lets build a snowmanLets build a snowman

Another massive snowman in cook park. It had a slightly halloween look to it though I think.


Lets build a snowmanLets build a snowman Driving the streets there were so many people making snowmen in their front yards. I didn't catch the names of these people, so if you know them, send through the link :)



Snow chair- Botanic GardensSnow chair- Botanic Gardens Off to the Orange Botanic Gardens now. Looks like a chilly place to rest.


Snow Fight!Snow Fight! And of course more snowball fights.. Very cheeky..


Snow Fight!Snow Fight! But don't worry, she got as good as she gave.


Vines - Orange Botanic GardensVines - Orange Botanic Gardens The vines made for a nice composition in the gardens. It looks so different under snow.


Nice view - Orange Botanic GardensNice view - Orange Botanic Gardens Nice views in the Botanic Gardens in Orange.


Billabong - Orange Botanic GardensBillabong - Orange Botanic Gardens I really liked this log near the dam in the park. It had Billabong carved into it and made for a cool shot. By this stage i was quite wet and I was loosing feeling in my fingers and toes!

Good DogGood Dog One last stop off at Robertson Park. It was the first time this dog had ever seen snow and he was loving it! I even got a shot of him jumping up and catching a snowball in the mouth. brrrrr.


winter dreamingwinter dreaming On the way home now I stopped of for an old shack beside the road. I liked the dreamy feel of this in creamtone. 

I hope you enjoyed my pics of the big freeze! It's always a nice to have some snow about the region. You can use the social media buttons on this page to share or like.




David Roma Photography
You guys rock! Thanks so much for all the comments. sure does look like the red-browed finch! :)
Wow these pics are awesome!!.. Love the finch.. It's a red something finch, think I might have to look it up ...;)
Linda T.(non-registered)
THANKS FOR TAKING THESE ... you were braver than I
Linda T.(non-registered)
rita k(non-registered)
Looks like a red bar finch. Very common. Cute little guy :)
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