Waterfall by worm light - Natural Bridge, Springbrook, Gold Coast, Australia

April 28, 2015  •  1 Comment

Waterfall by worm light - Natural Bridge, Springbrook, Gold Coast, AustraliaWaterfall by worm light - Natural Bridge, Springbrook, Gold Coast, AustraliaNatural Bridge at night with is lit up like another world by glow worms

I would recommend anyone who visits the Gold Coast check out the Natural Bridge at night. Photos honestly cannot do it justice. It's lit by hundreds of glow worms and it feels like another world. Like seeing galaxy's of green stars in a cave with a waterfall. It was one of the most technically challenging images I have ever taken. This is a single 79second exposure at ISO2500, any longer and the movement of the worms is visible and the noise gets terrible. I got lucky with this exposure as some walkers had briefly lit up the falls with a torch. I tried not to use much light within the cave as its not good for them apparently.

Had a great chat with some other photographers there. I walked down at sunset, and hang about for an hour or two until it got really dark. The walk back out was quite nice too with little clusters in beside the track. I think I even saw some bioluminescent mushrooms! So yeah, that probably clears up any questions on the previous mystery image I shared. That was a close up of the glow worms. The red glow was another photographers focus light, which fooled my cameras auto white balance and shifted the green glowworms to a blue colour.

Anyhoo. Hope you enjoyed the read, feel free to ask me any questions. Have a great week!


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