Mystery Image

April 27, 2015  •  7 Comments

Mystery ImageMystery ImageWhat could it be?

Ok, no hints here. For the first person to guess exactly what it is in a comment below I will email you a coupon code for a free desktop wallpaper.. Good luck! :)


Teresita Malm(non-registered)
Wonderfull picture from a volcano crater
epic boss productions(non-registered)
its either a space nebula or a cave with glow worms
David Roma Photography
Thanks for all your creative comments. That would be quite a mission Ian, epic.. But Mandi is the winner! well, close enough. It was actually taken at the Natural Bridge in Springbrook National park in the Gold Coast. It was a close up of the glow worms. The red glow was another photographers focus light, which fooled my cameras auto white balance and shifted the green glow worms to a blue colour. If you look carefully you can actually see the silk webbing they make. I have just posted another blog entry showing the wide angle view. Thanks all. Mandi, i will email you the coupon code now :)
Arthur Ettinger(non-registered)
It's the bat signal
Bubbles rising from an underwater volcano/magma vent on the ocean floor.
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