Pause and appreciate simple beauty

November 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

O'Connell, NSW, Australia

Sometimes some of the most beautiful photos are the simplest. I love the simplicity of this country scene as the sun sets behind the grass and fence.

In a recent interview with Trey Ratcliff he mentioned that one of his goals is to produce an image so engaging that it stops people, even for a few seconds, to 'meditate'. And that the more people do this the better the world would be. This really resonated with me. In a consumer world where we are constantly on the move and being fed with information, to be able to stop, and think is a luxury often forgotten.

Pause and appreciate simple beauty - OConnell, NSW, AustraliaPause and appreciate simple beauty - OConnell, NSW, AustraliaSilhouette of grass and fence during sunset in OConnell, NSW, by David Roma Photography


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