Mountains of Fire

May 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Mountains of FireMountains of FireHazard reduction near Bathurst, nsw, australia

Look on the horizon toward Sydney right now and you can see the Hazard reduction taking place in Winburndale Nature Reserve. It's quite faint with the naked eye, but a 30 second long exposure really shows the detail. It looks quite threatening looming above the houses.

Blazing MountainBlazing MountainHazard reduction near Bathurst, nsw, australia Blazing Mountain - This one is a little more zoomed in than above on the a few nights later when the fire has advanced.


City by firelightCity by firelightHazard reduction near Bathurst, nsw, australia City by Firelight - This super wide panorama shows the extent of another burn further down the range. I love the detail of Kelso in the foreground. Can you see your house?


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