Mount Panorama Pit Straight Sunrise

March 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I went on a trip to the mount this morning with a very specific shot in mind. Unfortunately the weather didn't play ball so I thought I would grab a few different perspectives as research for a later trip. Turns out, I am quite happy with how they ended up.. Its funny how you can take photos of a single location at around the same time and end up with 3 completely different styles. Would love to know which one you like the best.   Pit Straight StarterPit Straight StarterSunrise on pit straight at Mount Panorama

Pit Straight Starter



Soft Sunrise at Mount PanoramaSoft Sunrise at Mount PanoramaSunrise on pit straight at Mount Panorama

Soft Sunrise at Mount Panorama



Sunrise StraightSunrise StraightSunrise on pit straight at Mount Panorama

Sunrise Straight





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