Bathurst Bats - Machattie Park

January 30, 2018  •  3 Comments

NosebleedNosebleedFlying Foxes (Bats) in Machattie Park Bathurst

NoseBleed - This guy just kept staring at me. Looks like he had been in a fight recently...




Dark SoarerDark SoarerFlying Foxes (Bats) in Machattie Park Bathurst

Dark Soarer




Buff BatBuff BatFlying Foxes (Bats) in Machattie Park Bathurst

Buff Bat - Its amazing the definition of the body in the afternoon sun




Xray visionXray visionFlying Foxes (Bats) in Machattie Park Bathurst

X-Ray Vision - Super cool to be able to see all the veins and how long their "fingers" are in this shot




Bat CloudBat CloudFlying Foxes (Bats) in Machattie Park Bathurst

Bat Cloud - Apparently Cloud is on of the collective nouns for bats.. I can see why i guess..




RoostingRoostingFlying Foxes (Bats) in Machattie Park Bathurst

Roosting - Soooo many bats just hanging in the trees keeping cool. They actually flap one of their wings like little fans to stay cool in the hot weather.



Pamela Dean(non-registered)
They are amazing photo's. The one showing all there veins in fingers was wonderful. I didn't know there fingers were so long. Also a number of bat's is a cloud. All the better for a pub quiz. Thanks for sharing all your magnificent photos. Pam
Mehboob khan(non-registered)
David, there is no doubt you are doing great job, all my best wishes for you thanks for your contributions to share such a beautiful photos of wildlife with people thank you.
Wonderful bats
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