Yacht Club - Hamilton Island

March 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Yacht ClubYacht ClubThe Yacht Club at Hamilton Island looking spectacular at night

The Yacht Club looks spectacular at night. This image was taken at 17mm f8 for 30 seconds.

17mm is a nice wide angle to capture the building in its environment. It also gives a larger depth of field.

F8 gives a decent depth of field given the wide angle lens. Ideally I would have shot this around f10 however that would have required a longer shutter speed.

30sec is the max shutter speed you can use on camera without using a cable release or connecting to my phone. I have no idea why they limit it to this, seems like it would be simple to allow you to extend into the minutes. If I had of remembered/been bothered to get out my cable release I would have shot this at ISO100 instead of 640 and at f10.

Well there you go, a slightly lazy shot is better than non at all right? Hope you liked the shot and enjoyed the read.


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