Dunns Swamp - NSW Australia

March 22, 2016  •  1 Comment

Moonlit paradiseMoonlit paradiseStars in the sky and the moonlit tree at Dunns Swamp, NSW, Australia.

Moonlit paradise

There is nothing particularly special about this shot, but there is something I find really peaceful about it. Perhaps its just memories of being there as opposed to the actual image itself. Would be interested to hear what others think.




Dunns Swamp foggy sunriseDunns Swamp foggy sunriseFog over the Cudgegong river at Dunn Swamp

Foggy sunrise

Fog over the Cudgegong river at Dunn Swamp. What a magical place to wake up to. With the birds singing and the eerie fog lifting over the river, I really enjoyed this photo shoot, and even got to meet another friendly photographer.



Morning GlowMorning GlowFog over the Cudgegong river at Dunn Swamp


Morning Glow

Such a moody image with so many different textures and colours. Now it's warming up I will have to make it back out to Dunns Swamp :)




well, i think it is pretty special. i want to be there just seeing all those stars, sitting on the rock in the green. i only ever saw that many stars up north (NY) snowmobiling where there are absolutely no lights. beautiful.
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