Bathurst a beautiful history

December 11, 2016  •  1 Comment

A beautiful historyA beautiful historyAerial panorama of Bathurst at sunset featuring tremain mill, train station, Mount Panorama and the Carillion

Aerial panorama of Bathurst at sunset. I love this shot, it's not often you see Bathurst from this angle and while the focus is Tremain's Mill, there are also some hidden surprises. In the hi-res version, You can read Mount Panorama on the mountain on the very left. You can see the Carillon poking up on the right in the background, also the courthouse. I am getting better at predicting when good sunsets will be, just running out of local locations to capture. If you have ideas, let me know! 


Tremain MillTremain MillTremain's Mill at sunrise with silos in background

A more intimate view of Tremain's Mill, with the silos in the background. This is a sunrise shot, I love the complementary colours with the warm light of the sun on the side of the building and the cool shadows of the mill behind.


Tremain Mill monochromeTremain Mill monochromeTremain's Mill at sunrise with silos in background

Sometimes I find it hard to decide on the way to process an image. This is a black and white version, I figured it suited the historic nature of the building.


Tremain Mill sepiaTremain Mill sepiaTremain's Mill at sunrise with silos in background

Finally, a sepia/creamtone version. I quite like this, really highlights the buildings and their shape rather than being distracted by the colour. I would love to know which is your favorite, leave a comment below.


Kathy D(non-registered)
I've always been a fan of B&W and sepia, and both are great tones, but I like the first one because you kind of get a little of both.
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