Lost in time

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Lost in timeLost in timeSpectacular Milky Way over The Lost City in Newnes State Forest, NSW, Australia

The Lost City, Newnes State Forest, NSW, Australia, Milky way.

The Lost City is a location in the Newnes State forest which is currently unprotected. It is not very well known, perhaps because of the hecktic 4wd access track. A big thanks to David for getting me out and back at night in one piece.

The Milky way is truely beautiful. It always does my head in how much is out there that the naked eye simply cannot see. But with the aid of careful planning, a good quality camera, fast lens, long exposures, and careful post-production, it really comes to life! This image is a stitched panorama of 6 individual images. I just couldn't fit it all in a single frame. The shutter speed is maxed out before star trails started becoming noticeable.

It was going to be the perfect night for a great shot, middle of winter with nice cool crisp 'non-distorty' air. A new moon (ie. no moon, that was setting early anyway). Clear dark skys... That was at least until the clouds rolled in before we got there. We actually spent most of the time taking other pictures in the snow and rain. There was still snow on the plants around which frequelty dropped off making a sound and some movement, as if there were animals around bushes.

Fortunatly for about 15 minutes there was a gap in the clouds large enough to get a clear shot of the milky way right over the top of the lost city pagodas. I think some portions of the image were still masked by cloud but for the most part it was amazing. Between each shot I had to quickly wipe the water off the lens from the rain before the next.

It always is nice to remember to put the camera down, and look up. It is so awe inspiring.

How little we truly do know...


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