Beautiful Australia - Royal National Park

June 11, 2015  •  1 Comment

Beautiful Australia - Royal National ParkBeautiful Australia - Royal National ParkOne of my dream shots, capturing this location with waterfalls into the ocean at sunset.

What a beautiful country we live in, and what a spectacular five minutes of light to capture it. A dream shot, capturing this location with waterfalls that flow off a cliff directly in to the ocean at sunset. I knew exactly where I wanted to capture it, how I would capture it, and how I expected it to look. I am pleased to say, I can now see the image from my mind on screen, and now you can see it too!

It was an epic walk, one which required much care leaving this location in the dark. With low battery power in my 'torch' I had to ration its use and walked much of the way back by star light only using it when needed for rocky sections and creek crossings. I had a very busy weekend of photography taking over 1000 images. The things I do for my passion. I think this is my new favorite image and likely end up as a massive print on my wall :)


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what ist the name of the location pls
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