Meet Ziggy the 'Nanoraptor'

April 13, 2015  •  1 Comment

Meet Ziggy the 'Nanoraptor'Meet Ziggy the 'Nanoraptor'Cute little lizard found in Bathust NSW Australia.

How cute. He looks like a baby dinosaur. He was an agile little critter. I have never seen anything like him, especially not in Bathurst. If anyone can I.D. him for me that would be great. He was about 10cms long, looked quite soft, has a semi transparent white patterned tongue which is not forked. I know I have some experts who follow my page, I'm sure we will find out in due time. I randomly found him in my kitchen sink last night, couldn't help but get a photo before returning him to the great outdoors. Hope you find him as cute as I do. A nice little break from all the landscapes of late.


Kátia Beraldi(non-registered)
Esse réptil aqui no Brasil é uma lagartixa!! Há brancas e escuras! Eu tenho muito medo delas!!!
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