Cathedral Rocks Cave - Kiama, NSW, Australia

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Cathedral Rocks Cave - Kiama, NSW, AustraliaCathedral Rocks Cave - Kiama, NSW, AustraliaThe view of Cathedral Rock from in the cave with the tide coming in by David Roma Photography

This one is best view large... Unlike Bombo quarry, this place is not as epic in person as in many photographs. Don't get me wrong, its worth the visit, but from some of the photos I have seen of this place makes it look so massive and so epic. The original plan was to get this photo at sunrise, unfortunately sunrise was going to coincide directly with high tide, so there would not be a chance I would have got in here.

Having said that this sunset shot was not too far off high tide and it was coming in quick. After taking photos around the area for about 40mins I was eyeing off the motion of the water entering the cave. I could see some dry rocks right at the back of the cave which indicated some refuge at least temporarily, however the height of the water varied dramatically from 1 foot to over a meter. Against my better judgement I waited for the right timing and went for it.. Making it in and with the water approaching fast I quickly discovered another problem.. The cave was literally swarming with mosquitoes. I think I spent a total of about 30 seconds in this cave. It was the quickest composition and setup I think I have ever done.. Waited for the water to go out. Place the camera, compose, press the button and do a stupid dance to keep the mozzies off while couched and prepared to grab the camera as the next wave crashed in. Needless to say I managed to make it out with dry gear. I can't say the same for my mozzie bitten body.

It's not the composition I was after, I was only traveling with a small tripod but I think it turned out pretty good regardless.. I will return one day, equipped with my full sized tripod, a tide chart and a stack of mozzie spray!


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