Bad Moon Rising - Bathurst, NSW, Australia

January 07, 2015  •  1 Comment

Hot off the press… This is the stunning moonrise tonight in amongst some light cloud and trees. This is a shot I have always wanted to do. Its one of my more challenging photos to capture. It was taken at 1200mm and has not been photoshopped at all. Only cropping, brightness/contrast corrections. My Ideal shot of this would be a single dead tree filling the size of the moon, however it was hard enough to find this location. Perhaps one day I will find the elusive shot, it takes a fair bit of planning to be able to pull off.

Anyhoo, hope you like it! one more shot ticked off my checklist  :)

Bad Moon Rising - Bathurst, NSW, AustraliaBad Moon Rising - Bathurst, NSW, AustraliaTaken at 1200mm with no photoshopping. Only enchanced brightness/contrast etc.


Wow!!.. Your just too good at this!!..;)
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