Grand Canyon - Arizona, United States

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Super Pano :)
Well who would have thought you could get helicopter tours from vegas to the base of the grand canyon and back for so cheap. I didn’t have to think twice for this one. It was a cool flight in a nice chopper, got to fly over hoover dam, see the skywalk thingy and land next to the Colorado River for some champagne and cheese. Doing it tough I know. Now at the risk of being boo’d off the stage and cop tomatoes to the back of my head. I didn’t think the Grand Canyon was as big as everyone goes on about. I guess it had been talked up so much before going, and I have seen New Zealand and Switzerland to compare. Apparently the the other side of the Canyon is bigger? Anyhoo, having said that, it was an amazing experience I will never forget.

This was a 360 degree image made up of over 20 shots on my canon350d. I had to crop it down quite a bit to make it remotely viewable online. You can also play, ‘spot the chopper’ :)

Grand Canyon - Arizona, United StatesGrand Canyon - Arizona, United StatesThis is a cut down 360 degree panorama of the grand canyon taken with my canon 350d. You can see the helicopter tours. Taken by Bathurst photographer David Roma


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