Crown Sydney

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Crown SydneyCrown SydneyCrown Resort in Barangaroo Sydney NSW Australia

Streetscape showing Crown Resort in Barangaroo Sydney NSW Australia.


After visiting Sydney for the first time since Covid hit I was shocked to see the new skyline in Darling Harbour. Perhaps living under a rock in Bathurst, I was not expecting to see this at all. It made the news today after being denied it's licence to operate as a casino but I am still struck by its 'beauty' and its contrast to the many buildings around it. Apparently I was not the only one; it was fascinating to see how many people were walking down Darling Harbour with their heads up almost mesmerized by their changed surroundings. Controversy aside how do you like the look of this building?


Barangaroo by nightBarangaroo by nightCrown Resort in Barangaroo Sydney NSW Australia Barangaroo by night

Bumbunga Lake, South Australia

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SaltySaltyView of salt farming on Bumbunga Lake in South Australia


Aerial view of salt farming? on Bumbunga Lake in South Australia. Sometimes advertised as a pink lake, it didn't look too pink to me on the day I was there.


The Living Desert Sunset Sculptures

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The Living Desert Sunset SculpturesThe Living Desert Sunset SculpturesBajo el Sol Jaguar sculpture at sunset in Broken Hill Living desert state park

Bajo el Sol Jaguar sculpture at sunset in Broken Hill Living desert state park. This one has been on my bucket list for years now. So happy to get a cracker sunset during my stay in Broken Hill.


People watching naturePeople watching natureRandom people enjoying the view at the sunset sculptures in Broken Hill People Watching Nature

Not my usual style, but this scene caught my eye while I was buzzing around trying to capture all the views of the sculptures. I think I will need to return without the camera one day just to soak up the stillness of this place.

Aloe arborescens

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Aloe arborescensAloe arborescensAloe arborescens at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

Aloe Arborescens at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden with a lovely classic view. At least I think that is the name of the plant, it's what google lens (image search) told me.


AgJournal - Roger Fletcher

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I recently went out to Dubbo to shoot Roger Fletcher for a feature article in the AgJournal. It was published with the Weekend Australian. It was interesting to hear his story and capture a wide range of photos which was used throughout the article. A digital edition is available at