Spring Snow 2017

September 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Perfect one day beautiful the next.

The snow was quite localised; nothing in O'Connell, Oberon, some in black springs, and a bit more south of it. Probably still there if you fancy an afternoon drive.

I have taken a heap of photos that I will upload to this blog post as I get the chance. Keep warm :)

Snow 3 waysSnow 3 waysAerial panorama of spring snow fall near Black Springs nsw australia

Snow 3 ways

Aerial panorama of today's snow fall in the Central West near Black Springs NSW, Australia. You can see another snow storm blowing in from the right which ended the flight short.


Road to snowhereRoad to snowheresmall snow covered dirt road in the pine forests near Black Springs NSW Australia Road to snowhere

What too much? Can't go wrong with a small dirt road covered in snow in a pine forest can you. This panorama is one of my favorites from my little expedition today. 


Cold Colourful LogCold Colourful LogA colourful log in the snow in Black Springs Cold Colourful Log

I appreciated the colour in an otherwise white scene. The orange of the decaying timber and bright grass poking through. Decided to go for a shallow depth of field on this one to really draw the eye to the front of the log.


whiteoutwhiteoutSheep and Cattle by a dam in a snow white field near shooters hill Whiteout

Had to feel for the animals in their frozen fields. I don't think the dam was frozen over but I imagine it was a rather cool drink. 


Postal ServicePostal ServiceCute letterbox in the snow Postal Service

This letterbox caught my eye. Looked like a mini house with the snow settling quite thick on the roof. You can see its actually snowing quite heavy while this shot was taken. 


Maters ChillMaters ChillLooks like Mater from the Cars moive. In a snow field with horses Maters Chill

I thought this truck looked like Mater from the Cars movie. You can see up on the hill near the tree are some horses as well.


Snow draped pineSnow draped pinepine tree branch laden in snow lit beautifully Snow draped pine

Loved the lighting on the snow covered pine branch with the dark forest in the background.


Snow DaySnow DayNo sheep or workers to be seen in this weather Snow Day

No sheep or workers to be seen in this weather....


Sticks and SnowSticks and SnowBut names will never hurt me. Sticks and Snow

But names will never hurt me. I like to capture some of the detail as well as the wide landscapes. 


Leading lines through the snowLeading lines through the snowForestry trail covered in snow near Black Springs in the Central West Follow me

Leading lines through the snow. One of my favorites from the trip. 


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