Mount Panorama

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Mount PanoramaMount PanoramaAerial photo of mount panorama after all the rain looking so green

Aerial photo of Mount Panorama, Bathurst, NSW, Australia after all the recent rain looking so beautiful and green.


Sculptures in the scrub

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This walking trail is in the Pilliga National Park. While the access is not too far, the condition of the road can make it take a long time to get to. It's a fairly easy walk with some nice views and a picnic spot. Best of all, there is a number of artworks along the trail which makes this place a special one to visit. Visit the National Parks website for official details and access information.

Stranger thingsStranger thingsSculptures in the Scrub walking trail - Pilliga National Park Stranger Things

Thought I would go for a creative angle on this one. The first, and one of my favorites on the walk.


It's in the treesIt's in the treesSculptures in the Scrub walking trail - Pilliga National Park

It's in the tree's

Another creative angle. I will have a few more to share of this guy. Very effective sculpture on the side of a cliff.


-David Roma-IMG_9132-David Roma-IMG_9132Picnic Area Picnic Area

Ever feel like your being watched? Can you spot the sculpture?


SpottedSpottedSculptures in the Scrub walking trail - Pilliga National Park Spotted


RockedRockedSculptures in the Scrub walking trail - Pilliga National Park Rocked

I really loved the smooth polished stone of the sculpture and wanted to capture the likeness to the cliffs in the background.


Ancient EggAncient EggSculptures in the Scrub walking trail - Pilliga National Park Ancient Egg

I'm sure there is a bunch of meaning to these pieces of art. This one looked like an egg to me.

knife and fork

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knife and forkknife and forkperfect forked tounge of a lace monitor in rural nsw

This Goanna (Lace Monitor) seemed quite at home venturing out from the scrub in country NSW. I love this particular capture as you can see the perfectly straight forked tongue of this massive Lizard.



Dynamic Esses

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Dynamic EssesDynamic EssesA stormy sunset at the esses at mt panorama bathurst nsw australia

Super excited for this years storm season. This one was taken a few years ago. Love the dynamic light and you can see light trails from a car that went past while shooting the long exposure.



Farm Life

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Farm LifeFarm LifeAerial photo of a property in the central west, nsw, australia

One of my favorite shots from a shoot for a client selling his property in the Central West.